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Complaints really are the most powerful weapon we have, so complain, complain, complain. They may seem like a waste of time and it may seem like you have already complained about everything already but they are really making a difference we just need more and for them to keep on coming. The things we have achieved so far are small and largely procedural but the only way we can progress to anything larger is by continuing to complain on a large scale.


1. Where to send the complaints

copying in (you can copy and paste these email addresses as a list)

Writing to or copying in your local MP is also useful:

South East Cambs including Histon, Impington, Orchard Park and Milton – Lucy Frazer

Cambridge City – Daniel Zeichner

South Cambs including Girton -Heidi Allen

2. How complaints are processed from now on registers your complaint as a formal complaint which we can keep escalating all the way up to the regulator (essential). (Local Development Framework) registers your message as a formal complaint with the A14 team at South Cambs District Council. The relevant South Cambs team members will all see this on the day the complaint is submitted and if there are a load of complaints about one thing they will be encouraged to act quickly. goes straight to the day to day A14 operational team at Highways England so they will be aware of the issue. They may act there and then but just as importantly if South Cambs follow up the complaint someone at their end will be aware of it and things can move more quickly. sends a copy to Pippa Heylings who will read the email then forward it to Clare Davies part of the action group who is keeping a log of the complaints and will store the complaint. These emails will be stored securely. We will treat the complaints in a strictly confidential manner. It is helpful for us to know the quantity of complaints being sent and record what they are about. Pippa may use them to fight your corner and if they are really useful as part of the wider campaign we may get in touch to ask if we can use them.

3. Timeframes for responses

You should get a reply from the within 28 days you can then escalate this to the next stage if you are unhappy with their response and keep on escalating this up to the highest level of complaint. If you are unsure about the response or want help escalating your complaint we can help so please post here or email for help. This type of high level complaint is really valuable and makes a difference.

4. What to write

A complaint can be just a sentence e.g. ‘ I am writing to complain about the noise last night, I live at 76 Cambridge Road and the noise from the nightworks last night was so bad that none of my family could sleep until 3am and my children were all too tired to go to school today.’

You don’t have to spend hours labouring over a formal complaint. Just copy and paste what you say on Facebook. Please if you have a bad night or are really worried about the lack of noise barriers or the air quality in the long term just fire off a complaint. Complain, complain, complain!


Both Highways England and South Cambs District Council have put new complaints procedures in place.

The phone number for environmental health noise pollution at South Cambs is 03450 450 063 if you are at the end of your tether and there has been no response to your email.


  • There is now a rapid response phone number – 01480 220281 – which will redirect to the site. This will respond with actions and answers. Worth noting that this may not be immediate – if noise is excessive, for example, as HE may need to check the site before a response is made.



How A14 action group can support you

This section will be updated soon

Click HERE for link to HE Complaints Procedure